Another way

Recently Scott Onstott presented another way to derive the proportion of the earth moon diameters.  Remember the proportion is 11:3.  The earth’s diameter is 7,917.5 miles, the moon 2,159 miles.  11/3 = 3.66  7917.5/2159=3.66.  If you draw a perfect square, the length of the sides doesn’t matter.  From that square using a compass, you can derive the earth moon diameter relationship.  Here is a link to Scott’s work on this.  Below is the image I am referring to.  For me, the simple geometry that can create one of the most influential relationships to the exterior world that humans live in, gives me a sense that through this geometry we are seeing into the world of the spirits that designed our world. 

Here is the method that Scott uses to derive the relationship.  Draw by color.

“Start by drawing red square, orange diagonals, green arc, yellow line, cyan and blue arcs, magenta line, black x. Then draw moon circle and earth circle from convergence of orange diagonals and black x intersection. These circles are in exact 3:11 ratio. The Moon:Earth proportion is 3:11 (99.97%).”

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