Students: Ask Questions!

Have your teacher answer the following question:

“Is it possible to know the radius of the earth and moon from a 345 triangle?”

How many times have you wanted to stump your teacher?  Now you can do this with a simple 345 triangle.

Show them how from the previous post here.  When completed, if they mention that the numbers are not exact, ask them what kind of grade you would receive if your average was 99.97%.  If they say it is coincidence, then it is their choice to believe that, but you can always dig deeper.

Teachers/Parents: If you have been queried by curious thinking students with the above questions, ask yourself, why you were not taught this information.  Ask how something so simple, can integrate so many subjects (algebra, geometry, history, geography, biology etc.. the best way to teach) has been left out of ALL educational materials.

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