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Another way

Recently Scott Onstott presented another way to derive the proportion of the earth moon diameters.  Remember the proportion is 11:3.  The earth’s diameter is 7,917.5 miles, the moon 2,159 miles.  11/3 = 3.66  7917.5/2159=3.66.  If you draw a perfect square, the … Continue reading

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“Dig” Incubus

I have always liked this song.  For some reason, like many Incubus songs, it has taken me years to see how deep this band’s lyrics are.  It speaks to the dynamic we all share where at one moment we are … Continue reading

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Students: Ask Questions!

Have your teacher answer the following question: “Is it possible to know the radius of the earth and moon from a 345 triangle?” How many times have you wanted to stump your teacher?  Now you can do this with a simple … Continue reading

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Your first assignment.

Project 1. STEPS: You can do this on a single sheet of graph paper to get a basic drawing, if you go bigger, it is easier to be more accurate. Tools needed: Graph paper, compass, ruler. If you are in … Continue reading

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