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So, you may ask, what does that drawing have to do with anything?

From a 3 4 5 triangle, the radius of the moon and earth can be determined in miles with accuracy over 99%.

So what are the implications of this realization?  Is it just a cosmic coincidence?

This relationship implies that the length of a foot and a mile have been determined by a knowledge of the size of the earth and moon.  This knowledge is old.  Very old.  Older than the pyramids of Egypt.

Now, how does that information sit with your experience through school.  I found this quite disturbing.

If you are an old guy like me, you are amazed that you never heard about this relationship during all the excitement of the Apollo program.

If you are younger, you need to think about what you were taught in school, and think about what they taught you about how a foot length was determined.

Ask your teacher to explain this.

Know this, there is knowledge available to you , on the internet NOW, not in school, that demonstrates the false world view we have been presented.

It should be apparent to you that the current world view, is destroying the planet.

It is flawed.

It must change.

It is up to you.